Residents showing frustration as Steubenville water woes reach second week


Steubenville residents have now gone a full week without full-pressure water service completely restored.

Part of the work is installing a new valve at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and 6th streets.

The low pressure water reservoir needs to be at least 24 feet for full restoration, but during the past 48 hours, it's fluctuated around 10 feet.

City Manager Jim Mavromatis says he's asking all city residents to continue to conserve water. But even with conservation efforts, residents like Kaylee Picek on Hill Avenue are frustrated.

"We have three kids who have showered once this week with me being concerned with the water and what it's going to do to their skin," Picek said.

Sensitive skin issues aside, Picek and her family are exhausted from the steps they've had to take to get fresh water.

"Well, we didn't have water for 3 days, and then the water pressure came in trickles, and then now we have half the pressure we normally have, and the water we have is not drinkable,” she said. “And when I shower in it, it makes my whole body itch."

Picek, her family, and her neighbors on Hill Avenue have been experiencing fluctuating water pressure. To cope, she's been buying bottled water for herself and her kids, but the amenities offered by the city, she says aren't tenable anymore, like the water buffaloes.

"They are outside. They're cold water, and when you try to feel jugs up that you've bought for yourself, the water gets on your hands and freezes up your hands as well," she said.

Once this ordeal is over, she hopes city leaders find creative ways to prevent this situation in the future.

"Raising the bills isn't really an option,” Picek said. “We're a family of five. It's already difficult for us to pay all of our bills."

Toronto water woes

UPDATE: The boil order for the city of Toronto has now been lifted

Meanwhile, the boil order for many communities in Jefferson and Harrison county is in its second day and is expected to last at least through Saturday.

It’s in effect across parts of two counties because Toronto's water plant feeds a lot of neighborhoods. The plant had a chemical clog, which made the water cloudy.

Those affected are: All of Jefferson County area ‘M’ residents, Wintersville, Empire, Hammondsville, Pottery Addition, Overlook Hills, Bloomingdale, Hopedale, Pleasant Hill, Irondale, Bergholz, and Amsterdam, plus those along State routes 43, 152, and 213.

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