Residents and local businesses recovering from water outage


Residents and local businesses are recovering now after being without water for days.

The outage has taken a toll on local businesses and residents alike and they are relieved to see the water is getting back to normal.

"It was terrible," said Kaitlyn Cosgrove, Pilot employee.

"It was just uncomfortable," said William King, Steubenville resident.

But for some it wasn’t too unbearable.

"It was an inconvenience but you learn to deal with it," said Darlene Mullins, Steubenville resident.

"It felt good I needed to get a shower really bad and I didn’t have nowhere else to go. You know it’s just uncomfortable showering at someone else’s house," King said.

For some the water outage was nothing too big to worry about.

"We just dealt with it easy it wasn’t really much for us," said Dennis Bernardi, Steubenville resident.

"I used to go camping a lot with my children when we were young it really doesn’t bother me it’s the inconvenience of being able to turn your water on," Mullins said.

For other Steubenville businesses like the Pilot Gas Station that not only serve locals but also those who pass through, the water outage was trying.

"We didn’t have the deli open it was shut down you could only get the cold case food. You couldn’t use the restroom, couldn’t wash your hands, couldn’t get coffee, couldn’t do none of that.” Cosgrove said.

Out of town consumers did not take well to the lack of water.

"They were somewhat rude. Especially the ones that want to come in get their gas and want to use the rest room it was terrible," Cosgrove said.

Many are now thankful the city has resolved the problem.

"It wasn’t really that bad for me though but I felt bad for other people that they can go to and shower and stuff and wash their clothes," Bernardi said.

"Oh I feel wonderful I just got a shower on my way to my grandson’s basketball game in St. Clairsville," Mullins said.

The Best Western in Steubenville had nearly 15 rooms filled with people who live in the city and just didn’t want to deal with water issues at home.

Super 8 also had several rooms filled with local resident traffic.

Super 8 was not affected by the water and Best Western brought in an external water source which they will continue to use throughout the boil order.

Water woes appear to be nearing the end in the city, News9 will continue to follow this story.

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