UPDATE: 2 arrests made in Moundsville armed robbery

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Two men -- Erick O'Neil and and Zachary Davis -- have been arrested in an armed robbery on Tuesday morning in Moundsville at the Market Place on 2nd and Jefferson Avenue.

O’Neil allegedly pointed a gun at the pregnant cashier and then started emptying the cash register himself.

The Moundsville Police Department and the Marshall County Drug Task Force led the investigation, leading to the arrests.

O’Neil and Davis are both charged with armed robbery.



Authorities in Marshall County are searching for the man who committed an armed robbery on Tuesday morning in Moundsville.

It happened around 6 a.m. at the Market Place on 2nd and Jefferson Avenue.

Detectives say the man walked in carrying a weapon, the clerk hung up the phone after telling a friend she was being robbed and opened the cash register. The armed robber got away with cash and cigarettes.

Police say at one point he put the weapon the counter, but the worker still complied because she was scared for herself and her unborn baby.

"She stated she was due in 22 days,” said Sgt. Don Dewitt of the Moundsville Police Department. “She wasn't hurt but visibly upset, and I am sure she was under a lot of stress”

Detectives say the weapon was modified at the barrel.

They say the man was white, about 6-foot tall, wearing sunglasses, a mask, a blue hooded sweatshirt and dark sweatpants.

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