Police chase ends on State Route 7


A high speed police pursuit makes its way through three states, ending in Jefferson County.

The driver is in custody and several members of law enforcement received minor injuries in a chase that police say reached speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Bumper to bumper: this is how a police chase ended Thursday night along State Route 7 north in Jefferson County, just after the Pottery Addition exit.

As for where it started:

“It traveled from Washington County down onto Route 2, up Route 2 across the Veterans Bridge up to Route 7 where it came to an end here,” said Sgt. Robert Bodo, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

OSHP troopers say Pennsylvania State Police initiated the pursuit with a truck that was reported stolen out of Pennsylvania.

It was a heavy police presence, as each agency jumped into aid in the pursuit.

There was some significant damage to the front end of a Follansbee police cruiser.

“A majority of the damage happened over in West Virginia when they were trying to get him stopped,” Bodo said. “They ended up boxing him in and brought him to a slow stop here on Route 7.”

On scene, officials with the Follansbee Police Department say two of their officers were treated on scene for minor injuries.

“I believe there was one PA state police officer that was injured during all this,” Bodo said. “His supervisors were on scene and he was transported back to PA to get checked out.”

Despite some minor injuries, troopers say things could have been much worse and they are thankful no one else on the road was hurt.

“A relief considering, yes, with the high rate of speeds they stated it reached up to 100 miles per hour at some points and he was only had 3 wheels on his truck so he was 100 miles per hour on 3 wheels,” Bodo said.

We're working to learn more about the driver of the truck. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Several charges in multiple states are pending and he had warrants out for his arrest in Pennsylvania and

Columbiana County.

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