Pipeline drilling causing landslides in Jefferson County

Pipeline drilling causing landslides in Jefferson County

Families are forced to move out of their houses after landslides in Toronto.

They were caused by complications coming as a result of Rover Pipeline drilling.

There is significant damage along Hale Road in Knox Township, just west of Toronto. Just days ago, a landslide pushed dirt and debris near houses at the bottom of the hill, forcing families to evacuate. According to township trustees, it’s a result of drilling near old underground mines.

Residents are fed up with the damage.

“I want them to make this road safe,” resident Jason Gorney said. “It's not just this house. It's affecting several houses up the road. It seems to be spreading further and further. I just want it to be safe out here.”

Rover has paid for families to stay in nearby hotels until this is taken care of. As for additional compensation, that is yet to be determined.

The Rover pipeline is a $4.2 billion federal project.

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