OSHP, ODOT distracted driving campaign begins next week


The Wintersville Ohio State Highway Patrol post is partnering up with the Ohio Department of Transportation for a distracted driving campaign beginning next week.

The campaign involves a distracted driving simulator that will visit five area schools, beginning with Indian Creek High School.

They are targeting students ages 16-18 years old to educate them about the dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel.

Lt. Joe Fetty says driving isn't a game. You have to pay attention.

"We live in a society where everything revolves around the phone and people are distracted all the time because your music is on the phone, you’re sending texts or taking a call, and anytime you take your vision or concentration off that vehicle for one second, that one second can be total devastation."

In the simulator ....

"They come across a bunch of different scenarios that could happen to them. It gives them the opportunity to see what distracted driving can do,” said Ty Justice of the ODOT.

The campaign begins Monday, April 3 to educate students before prom season.

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