One sworn in, one promoted in Steubenville Police Department


    The city of Steubenville saw a pair of changes to its police department on Thursday.

    They’re changes that city manager Jim Mavromatis is excited about.

    Patrick Gaffney was welcomed into the department, while Ettor Canestraro was promoted to Sargent.

    Mavromatis said that by adding Gaffney, they are keeping up their staffing of 40 people.

    "These are both two good officers in our department and this is what we need,” Mavromatis said.

    "I've been waiting, and I’m just kind glad things went my way this time,” Gaffney said.

    "It's a great opportunity,” Canestraro said. “Like I said I’ve been down here for quite a few years -- 11 years total in law enforcement. It’s a great opportunity. I’m really appreciative of it, and I’m just looking forward to serving the city.”

    Mavromatis said that crime statistics have gone down because they have the manpower to deal with issues in the city.

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