Ohio Valley Health Center to reopen in downtown Steubenville

Ohio Valley Health Center to reopen in downtown Steubenville

2014 was the last time the Ohio Valley Health Center had a location downtown, but today marks the beginning of their new facilities back in downtown Steubenville.

After suffering from roof and drain problems three years ago, the 4th Street Health Center was forced to change locations and since 2014 have been located within the Trinity Health Center. That all is about to change in the next few months, however, as the board members and volunteers of the Ohio Valley Health Center celebrated the opening of their new location downtown.

"I cannot tell you how excited we are. We have worked for year to find a permanent home," says OVHC Board of Directors Chairwoman Francesca Carinci.

This new home will be located on South Street downtown, in what used to be a daycare and pre-school.

"This building became available in March when the daycare closed and so they talked to several around town to see if they would be interested in purchasing it and I talked to my board and they were very excited about it and we came down to look at it and said, this is going to be our new home," says OVHC Executive Director Trudy Wilson.

This new home is a part of Ohio Valley Health Center's capital expansion multi-million-dollar project and although moving back into their own location is great news for the center, they are really looking forward to being back within their target market.

"We need to be down here. A lot of the people that we serve would be much more accommodated and it would be much more convenient," says Carinci.

Today also celebrated all of the volunteers who have worked to give healthcare to uninsured and underinsured individuals and families throughout the Ohio Valley,

"It's amazing, the people who are volunteering their time to provide wonderful healthcare to people who need it the most."

Turning a daycare into a health center is not the easiest of tasks, but the board has a plan to make their new building exactly what they want it to be.

"We will have exam rooms right in the middle of the facility, four exam rooms. We will have two exam rooms off to the side. Those exam rooms will double as behavioral health offices. We will have our own board room here now. So we are very excited we can expand so much here,” says Wilson.

The center is also hoping to further develop some of their programs now that they have their own location, but for now, patients who wish to visit the Ohio Valley Health Center, can still do so at their current location at Trinity Health.

The health center is hoping to have everything completed by the beginning of 2018. So far they have made great progress mapping out what they want this building to become. The next step of course, is construction.

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