Officials begin the process of cleaning the turf at Wheeling Island Stadium again

Cleanup is starting at Wheeling Island Stadium, where you can see numbers a yard markers that were once white, now have a brown tint from the mud from last week’s floods (Photo: Jaime Baker)

It's been 8 days since the Ohio River crested, causing major flooding on Wheeling Island.

Now, they’re still cleaning up some spots, including the stadium.

“It was bad for a day, but then the waters went away and just left us with a bunch of mud,” Ohio County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones said.

Crews were out Wednesday morning trying to clean things up. The goal is to pull up all the mud from the turf, let it dry, and then blow the dried mud out.

One issue though is those little rubber balls that mix into the turf. If too many of those get extracted with the mud, they'll need replaced, which isn't a cheap fix.

“Each truckload of rubber could be anywhere from $10,000-15,000,” Jones said. “We could need zero rubber, a half a truck load or up to two truckloads. You don't know how much until you brush it to see how much comes up with it.”

It's a process officials and crews would like to wrap up this week, but they need one big name to cooperate with them -- Mother Nature.

“I think we should be good either way this week to have what we need to be done, done. Unless we keep getting rain. Rain hurts it,” Jones said. “They want this to be dry because it's easier to sweep off.”

This is the second time the field has flooded out this year alone. While it's not the ideal situation, Ohio County Schools are just doing what they can to make sure Wheeling Park's next home football game can actually be played at home.

“It's frustrating, but what can you do?” Jones asked. “There's nothing we can do about it. We can't move the stadium today, so we just roll with the punches when they happen.”

Park’s next home football game is scheduled for Oct. 5 against Morgantown.

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