Ohio police officer hospitalized after contact with drug

Officer hospitalized after contact with drug. (East Liverpool Police Department)

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WTOV) - An East Liverpool police officer was taken to the hospital after coming in contact with a dangerous drug.

It happened on Lisbon Street on Friday.

Patrolman Chris Green responded to a traffic stop, during which a white powdery substance, presumed to be a type of fentanyl or carfentanyl, was found.

Police say the men in the car tried to pour out the powder in the vehicle, and Green unknowingly got it on him.

When he later tried to brush it off of his shirt, he got the substance on his skin and he began to feel sick.

"Started getting lightheaded,” said East Liverpool Police Capt. Patrick Wright. “There soon after he started to pass out. Officer Smith had to catch him and guide him to the floor. An ambulance was called and they administered a dose of Narcan. He was transported to city hospital where he was administered three more doses of Narcan."

Green has been released from the hospital and is expected to return to work soon.

East Liverpool Police arrested Cortez Collins of Cleveland and Justin Buckle of East Liverpool for tampering with evidence. Once the drug is properly identified, drug charges will be filed as well.

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