Notre Dame students work with Grow Ohio Valley


Students from the University of Notre Dame are on spring break, but instead of going to a beach or other vacation, some are in Wheeling, working with Grow Ohio Valley.

It's part of a program where the students come and learn about the region, urban farming, and the economy, including homelessness.

On Thursday, they were at Farm 18 in East Wheeling where they made worm compost to be used in gardening and to grow fresh produce.

That produce will be donated at the mobile market. Northwood Health Systems is also helping to maintain the area.

“Increase their food security for people that may not know where their next meal is coming from, teach them to grow things, garden, and do it right here on your street, in your back yard,” said Samantha Amberg-Dougherty, from Americorps Vista.

"We are really drawn toward doing something more than laying on a beach,” student Terese Schomogy said. “We want to build community, meet new people, and understand a new region, and it seemed like a cool opportunity to grasp on to.”

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