New superintendent: ‘Great things’ going on at Switzerland of Ohio

The Switzerland of Ohio school district superintendent has had limited time on the job, but says he's making moves for positive changes at the schools.

The district is turning a new leaf with newly-appointed superintendent Jeffrey Greenley.

“It is the best job one could have,” Greenley said.

Jeffrey Greenley says overcoming challenges is going to be a theme for his administration, now about a month old.

“We actually last night met as a board and set a meeting month as a retreat to start talking about our vision and our mission for the district and what are our goals going to be,” Greenley said. “Personally I like the mantra ‘I can do hard things.’ We want our kids to feel like they can do difficult challenges. Life is all about unforeseen circumstances and challenges, but develop a sense of efficacy in our students to say you know what, it doesn’t matter. We can do hard things and we'll find a way to overcome it and really push our kids in rigorous opportunities to grow and learn.”

The district recently voted to eliminate its pay-to-participate policy for athletics starting in the 2017-18 school year. Leaders are also re-examining the course catalogue.

A family consumer science elective course will be offered on all three high school campuses following a district-wide student survey.

“That allows students to pick up some life skills that they had expressed interest in having," Greenley said.

The course catalog will be completed next month for students to choose their classes in April.

Greenley says positive news for Switzerland of Ohio even exceeds its geographical boundaries.

“We had some welders shadow at company that might also hire them full time,” Greenley said. “Some of our students made dean’s list that just graduated Ohio State so they’re holding their own and had a student just get a full ride to OU from our district, so there are great things going on at Switzerland of Ohio school district and just delighted to be part of the team.”

The district has also named Rob Caldwell as assistant superintendent. Caldwell serves as principal of River High School. He previously served as a special education teacher and a football and track coach.

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