New jobs available, new neighborhood coming to Toronto

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The City of Toronto is looking to expand its population and its work force.

The Gem City has a new residential development in the works and one of the city's largest employers is looking to fill even more jobs.

Along Nebo Drive is a neighborhood with ranch-style and two-story family homes. More neighbors are going to be joining them before next year, as this new development starts next month.

Trees still need chopped down, but workers are quickly moving to build a new 13-acre residential subdivision at the end of Nebo drive. Twenty-eight homes are planned for phase one.

"This layout was done in 1996, but at that time the economy didn't justify any development of houses," said Gene Calabrese of Calabrese Property Management.

The time is now, partly because of Timet. The titanium producer is one of the big industrial employers in the region, and the company has sent out notices seeking immediate hires.

According to the job posts, they are only accepting applications through May 15. The career section on Timet's Toronto jobs section show nearly a dozen postings, seeking project engineers, production supervisors, account controllers and statisticians.

Bringing more employees and residents to Toronto would keep the Gem City shining.

"We're struggling right now in the City of Toronto to keep our population above 5,000,” said Toronto Mayor John Parker. “To maintain city status, we have be above 5,000 residents.”

"With this new development, we're hoping to stay above that,” Parker said.

Hire them and they will come; build it and they will come: that is the hope.

"We've had a considerable amount of inquiry already. People have talked about putting deposits down and we have already received some,” Calabrese said.

He said the homes will start at $200,000. The development itself is offering up another benefit for future phases: residential or commercial.

"It also - this project - brings the ability to bring additional road access and water and sewer lines to the south end of titanium way for future economic growth and development,” he said.

That is right in the backyard of Timet. As for the existing homes on Nebo Drive, Calabrese built them in the 1970s. He's ready for a new neighborhood.

"I’m the kind of guy that likes to see something happen. And this is the beginning of something happening, so I know we're going forward,” he said.

Construction on the development is scheduled to start in June and with the first homes to be complete in a year.

Interested job applicants can send resumes to Timet by USPS:

100 Titanium Way
PO Box 309
Toronto, OH 43964

Or by email:

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