New help emerges in search for 'Pepsi Man'


WINTERSVILLE, Ohio - Another call for help was answered in the search for 91-year-old Wintersville man John Mathes, who has been missing for 10 days.

Mathes' family wanted ATVs to aid in the search, and on Thursday, three appeared.

"We're hoping to find the roughest places so we can go in and look around," said volunteer Dean Green. "Who knows how he might have got there, where he is, but hopefully we can find him."

Green and several others brought 4-wheelers all the way from Bridgeport to help find Mathes

Mathes used to drive a Pepsi truck on back, country roads. His family thinks he may have gone down a rough path and gotten stuck, so the ATVs will scope out places people in vehicles can't.

"I just pray to God that we find him" Green said. "These people are hurting, and I understand that, so we're here to help."

Volunteers scanned a map of Jefferson County and surrounding areas to chart where the search parties have already checked.

Mathes' gray Buick Lucerne with the "1 PEPSI" license plate is believed to be stationary at this point. After 10 days, no solid leads have emerged.

Rhonda Kukor, who goes to church with Mathes, is one of many who feel his absence.

"I'm just thankful that people are still coming out and helping because I think this would be a very hard thing to live with as a family and a church," Kukor said.

Also new Thursday, a company that tracks down vehicles that have been repossessed has offered its services.

It's another resource dedicated to finding the Pepsi man.

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