Officials sworn in, new businesses discussed during Moundsville council meeting

Mayor Phil Remke and City Manager Rick Healy were officially sworn in during Wednesday evening’s Moundsville City Council meeting.

Soon after, Mayor Remke announced that within the first few months of 2019, some new projects will be under construction.

Those projects include two new hotels, a few restaurants, and a new bank.

Mayor Remke says the new businesses are essential, with plans of an ethane cracker plant looming across the river, and that they will be an economic boon to the city.

“When you just stop and think, the hotel/motel tax will go up considerably, and the people eating in restaurants, getting gas, and different things - it's going to be a great windfall for the City of Moundsville that hasn’t seen this for many, many years," he said. “I just tell the people to get on board, because change is coming and this is a big thing of unlocking the future in Moundsville.”

During the meeting, Mayor Remke also brought up the need for a new, signature look for the city’s logo. He is interested in adopting the phrase “unlocking the future.”

Five different logos will be up for a future vote if desired by council.

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