New business offers life-saving training in Wheeling

"Got Your 6" opened recently at the plaza off Washington Avenue.

Shots fired at a school, a woman held hostage by her boyfriend, or a gunman on the loose throughout a city.

These are just a few of the scenarios law enforcement prepares for.

On Thursday, a simulation was held by federal probation officers at a new business in Wheeling.

"Got Your 6" opened recently at the plaza off Washington Avenue. Owner Bryan Gaus works in law enforcement, and he said Thursday’s training is life-saving.

"Got Your 6," sells clothing, guns, and other weapons for law enforcement, military personnel and the public.

It also offers important training.

"You can mess up here, and this is where you learn,” Gaus said. “Police officers can't train enough, and we are trying to enhance their training and bring something to their back yard you're not going to find around here.”

"It's video-based and it gives you hands-on experience,” said Wes Talkington, sales support, Got Your 6. “It's very nice to be able to put some quasi-stress into a situation and gauge your reaction based upon the scenarios you're seeing on screen.”

Talkington is a former law enforcement officer with plenty of experience. He also spent time in the military.

Thursday he went through the milo drill. The simulator provided by the federal probation office. He calls it a valuable tool.

"It's pretty realistic, and it can give you a stress response that's missing from some training," Talkington said.

Meanwhile, Got Your 6 also serves other needs in the community and is open to the public as well.

"It's for people that have had guns their whole lives, and for people that want to purchase their first gun,” Gaus said. “We have qualified people that can teach you how to use it, store it, be safe and improve with it.”

The store is open daily except for Sunday.

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