Neighborhood watch keeps close eye on crime


Members of a local neighborhood watch say they've put a dent in crime in their neighborhood and they're working to keep it that way.

More than two dozen neighbors from Overlook Hills in Island Creek Township and Powells Lane in Wintersville met at St. Florian Hall on Monday night.

The group just formed last year and meets monthly.

Sgt. Gary Slates from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was on hand to answer questions. He says tips resulted in at least two arrests connected to car break-ins and suspicious drug activity.

Members of the group have this warning for criminals.

“They're being watched. That's all I can say,” said Watch Captain Tim Grimes.

“The neighbors know everything,” said Watch Captain Sheldon Berk. “They just know what's happening. When you have four or five cars going through a house at all different hours of the night, neighbors know what's happening. If they're comfortable talking to a block captain, another neighbor, rather than, 'Oh I don't want to get involved, I don't want to call police,' but they'll call to their other neighbor, and then we'll report it into the sheriff's department in order to stop them in their tracks.”

There are a number of other neighborhood watch groups in Jefferson County, including one in Springfield Township and the Pleasant Hill-213 area.

If you're interested in starting a group, you can contact the sheriff’s department directly.

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