Neidengard family celebrates 100 years with Harley Davidson

Neidengard’s has been a part of the Harley Davidson family for a century.

A business that has stayed alive more than 100 years in the Ohio Valley celebrated a huge milestone on Tuesday afternoon.

Neidengard’s has been a part of the Harley Davidson family for a century.

It meant a ride down Memory Lane for John Neidengard, who represents the third generation to run the Harley Davidson store in the heart of Wintersville.

“My grandfather did some machine work at a local machine shop before he started selling motor cycles,” John said.

In 1906 G.H. Neidengard bought his very first motorcycle. The legacy has since lasted more than a century.

"I’m sure my grandfather would not have had a clue we’d be in business for over 100 years, and I’m sure my father would have been really proud. He loved Harley Davidson, as I do myself," John said.

John, his staff, and his wife, run one of the oldest Harley shops in Ohio and -- the nation.

On Tuesday, the revved-up crew was given the stamp of approval by the cooperate Harley Company.

"Any business that been around for 100 years is obviously, but Harley, our dealers are such a key part of customer experience and to have a dealer that provides that much customer service and experience,” said Joe Marcolina, director of market operations.

But for John it’s about much more than the bikes; it’s about his family shining a light on the lasting tradition.

Paving the way for future riders is all in a days’ work

"I have employees that have been with us for over 40 years they just help us, and keep all the Harley Davidson riders on the road," John said.

"The dedication they provide to their customers day in and day out is great, and were glad to have them as part of our company for 100 years," Marcolina said.

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