Nearly $4 million missing or stolen from local governments or school districts in Ohio

In the three-county area of Jefferson, Belmont and Harrison counties, nearly $147,000 went missing.

CLARIFICATION: The Wednesday Nov. 15, 2017 broadcast portion of this report said new missing money was found in 2017 in Smithfield. The correct context is that the audit was released in 2017 detailing findings in previous years. Here is an updated explanation from the Ohio State Auditor's office:

"Due to a number of issues, including the village being declared unauditable, audits for several years were issued in 2017. The years listed in the report are the years when the audits were released, not the audit periods. Smithfield had two audits released in 2017, spanning 2011 through 2015 (The village’s audit for 2011 through 2013 was released on April 4, 2017 and the village’s audit for 2014 through 2015 was released on May 16, 2017). So it is correct that there have been no findings in the past 2 years because a subsequent audit has not yet been released. Entities are declared unauditable when the condition of their financial records is not adequate to complete an audit. An entity is removed from the unauditable list once the audit is completed and released to the public."

The original story follows:

A special report from the Ohio State auditor has found $3.4 million in stolen or missing money from 2007-2017 from local governments and school districts.

This money was stolen, or went missing, from 77 local governments or school districts. In the three-county area of Jefferson, Belmont and Harrison counties, nearly $147,000 went missing.

These can also be viewed on an online interactive map from the state auditor’s office.

Belmont County

Barnesville (2016) $1,050

Village of Bellaire - $18,125

Bellaire School District - $1,800

Belmont Park District -- $3,563

City of Martins Ferry -- $32,414

Belmont County Juvenile Court -- $19,910

Jefferson County

Village of Wintersville -- $3,120

City of Steubenville -- $3,538

Village of Smithfield -- $58,294

Harrison County

Harrison County Juvenile Court -- $4,915.

The point of the report is to educate local governments and school districts to prevent these incidents from happening.

Click here to see a map of the convictions.

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