Moundsville to fill city manager position ahead of 2019 fiscal year


Moundsville city council will soon fill the city manager position, after the former city manager resigned in September.

City accepted the resignation of City Manager Deanna Hess in early September, a decision that council was not in full agreement about. City clerk Sondra Hewitt was named a temporary fill in.

Council plans to vote soon and have the position filled by the end of the year.

”Next Wednesday is when we'll be doing actual interviews for our final two candidates,” Vice Mayor Phil Remke said. “We had about 57 people from around the world come in and send their resumes in for this."

Remke says applications have come in from West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, with one applicant out of the country, from Kuwait.

The final two candidates, he says, are local.

Remke added he feels they are both very good candidates, and that the position is vital for the city's operations.

“They run the city. They finetune it. They keep the balances and things of that type, and make sure that the city runs smoothly for the future," Remke said.

“This is something that is very, very important to the city of Moundsville, for what's coming with the proposed cracker plant. We’ve got to have the right person in the right place to make this thing happen."

The position is expected to be filled by December 18th.

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