Moundsville City Council attends Municipal League conference

Moundsville City Council attends Municipal League conference

Members of Moundsville City Council recently returned from a Municipal League conference, where they assessed the city's progress compared to other parts of the state.

The conference was held from August 1st until the 4th, and featured leaders from nearly every city in West Virginia. Topics discussed included dilapidated houses, land banking and dealing with the drug problem. Mayor Eugene Saunders said that Moundsville is ahead of other cities in how dilapidated houses are handled. Moundsville is a regular attendee, and Saunders is thankful for the opportunity.

“It gave you an outlook of what the cities in the state are facing, some good and some bad, and it lets you know where you stand as a city, things that you need to improve on, and how to improve it," says Mayor Saunders.

Saunders says the city plans to attend the conference again in the winter time.

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