Monarch Stadium replacement project moving forward


Another step was taken by the Marshall County board of education in the goal of creating a new athletic complex.

It would replace John Marshall High School's football field. The board recently approved an architect to come up with the final design plans for the new athletic complex, which won't only benefit the football team, but several other school organizations as well.

“We went through the list, we conducted interviews, they provided presentations,” said Superintendent Jeffrey


Crook says the board and a committee decided to go with OWPR Architecture Firm. Now, it's time to start planning demolition of the current Monarch Stadium for the new state-of-the-art, $9 million structure. Surplus from a recent levy that passed will help fund it.

“Ultimately it will go in the same place as the current Monarch Stadium, how that will look we're not really sure yet,” Crook said.

The design process will be a team effort. The superintendent says he will use input from coaches, the athletic director and even the media/communications staff.

“Our new stadium complex will also house our media production, our TV studio, our broadcasting, that will be part of the planning process as well," Crook said.

Crook wants this complex to provide the best opportunities for students no matter what they are involved in.

“We'll have track, a new 8 length track, we'll be able to have full sanction track meets, then we have lacrosse which is a club sport, but it's growing not just in West Virginia but all over the country, you have soccer, cross-country and obviously football,” Crook said. “We have 3 football teams that play 3 nights a week.”

It will be a three phase project. Phase one includes the home stands, turf and led lights. Ultimately, the superintendent wants this complex to drive people into the area and be the showcase.

“There's a lot of great people in Marshall County that really care about this stadium and care about what happens,” Crook said. “We want to make sure we have a great product for our students and also the community."

Crook hopes to start demolition soon with the goal of having the field ready for next season.

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