Message for drivers along Route 2

It reads "Route 2, Four lane all the way." (WTOV)

There's a message for drivers posted along W.Va. 2. You may have passed it and wondered about it.

It's red, white and blue and looks kind of like a campaign sign. But it's not posted by someone running for office. It's posted by the group known as the "Route 2/I-68 Authority."

It reads "Route 2, Four lane all the way."

The sign is a symbol of commitment to a project that dates back to 1997.

That's when the Authority was formed and tasked, in part, with making Route 2 a four-lane highway from Parkersburg to Chester.

The Authority's Brooke County representative was at Tuesday's commission meeting and said the slow progress is not unexpected.

State and federal funding comes along in spurts.

There's no end date or deadline assigned to the project, but as the signs indicate, the Authority is still dedicated to its completion.

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