Memorial planned for victim of 2017 flooding in Ohio County

A memorial has been planned near WesBanco Arena, where Paige Gellner was pulled from the Ohio River late last July.

Thursday night's severe storms have one family remembering their loved one.

Paige Gellner and Michael Grow died last July when their vehicle was swept away by flood waters.

Now, a memorial has been planned near WesBanco Arena, where Gellner was pulled from the Ohio River.

Gellner and Grown were in a van on Browns Run Road when the rushing waters swept them into Big Wheeling Creek on July 23, 2017.

"We try to put warnings that, you know, be safe, watch out,” said Amber Ritchea, Paige’s sister. “We have learned the worst that can happen and want to keep it from happening again.”

Grow was found almost immediately, but Gellner's family hung onto hope for about a week, until she was pulled out of the river on July 29.

"The storm took her away, but it also brought her back,” Ritchea said. “That major storm is what helped us find her body and bring her home.”

A butterfly release and 'celebration of life' will take place on that day -- Sunday, July 29 -- to remember her.

"The impact they made on our lives and the impact they made by helping us find her and supporting us and it'll be a get together to reconnect and celebrate what brought so many together in the community in the first place,” Ritchea said.

"I just want people to remember how fun and energetic she was and how nice she was to just everyone,” Paige’s friend Samantha Pearl said.

The event will begin around 5 p.m.

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