Memorial Park in St. Clairsville operating levy coming up in Nov. 7 ballot

The operating levy for Memorial Park is a renewal levy.

The operating levy for Memorial Park is a renewal levy.

Memorial Park is opting for a quarter million dollar operating levy in Richland Township and the city of St. Clairsville. That amounts to less than $10 a year on a $100,000 dollar home.

"It gives us funds to operate the park,” said Park Manager Bruce Moynihan. “Buy chemicals for the swimming pool, buy fuel for the tractors, pay the employees, buy all the disposables that the park needs."

The park is also responsible for paying its own utilities.

"With all the things that we have done, we can't make enough money to operate the park,” Moynihan said. “Our income comes basically from running shelters and the fees to get into the pool - which really - the pool's a wash, if we break even on it we're doing pretty good. Shelter's don't bring in that much money and we just can't make enough money within the park to operate the park. So we really need this levy."

Moynihan said the voters have voted for the levy before, and hopes they will continue their support.

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