"Meet the candidates" held in Steubenville


A “meet the candidates” event was held Thursday evening in Steubenville for the public to attend.

All four mayoral candidates, and both 2nd ward councilman candidates were in attendance.

The event was held at the First Baptist Church in Steubenville, and was put on by the Steubenville Hilltop Community Development Association.

Each candidate had an opportunity to address the crowd on how they would improve the hilltop neighborhoods, as well as other topics a part of their platform.

Dozens of Steubenville residents came to First Baptist Church with issues on their minds.

For Scott Lane, it was revitalization

“The number one thing on my list would be bringing in businesses. Not only finding a way to bring them in, but making it easier for them to come in."

For Terrie Dixon, it was crime

“I’m scared. I got to be honest and truthful. I don't like to come out at night like I used to do," she said.

Both 2nd ward candidates touched on the crime issue.

“Shootings are still going on today. We have to try collectively as a citizenry, to help the police combat these areas," said 2nd ward candidate Craig Petrella.

Incumbent candidate Michael Johnson added, “Crime remains our number one problem. Council has addressed that problem the last four years by increasing the police staff. It was 36 when I came on, it is now 40. We added a drug dog. We made the police prosecutor full time."

Mayoral candidates Frankie DiCarlantonio and Jerry Barilla touched upon Lane's issue of revitalization.

“We need more businesses, and put more people back to work right here in the city of Steubenville. That's all that we need to do. We need to put our people back to work. We need to get more income tax collections," said DiCarlantonio

“My goal is to continue to promote business. We visited, I think six cities, to see what they've done to revitalize their towns, and after coming back from those cities you ask the question, 'why can't we do something like that?'" said Barilla.

The drug epidemic was another talking point.

One mayoral candidates Royal Mayo and Michael Walenciej elaborated on.

“I said 20 years ago, you can’t arrest away the drug problem. It's not going to work. You got people coming in from so many different places involved in drugs. You have to help the people who are on drugs," said Mayo.

“There is no residential treatment. We need a residential treatment facility. We can’t just send people to jail for 30 days. They come out. They don't have any of the tools necessary to maintain their sobriety, so they go back to living in hopelessness, despair and go back to drug use," added Walenciej.

Each candidate addressed these issues and more, leaving an impression on the voters.

“I like to know all of their ideas, and i think they did touch on something that comes to my family," said Dixon

She went on to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

“The thing is, some people are not voting, we need you to vote."

For those of you who missed Thursday’s event, there will be a political forum next Thursday at Eastern Gateway Community College.

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