Magic Makeover is complete

Tina Meager before and after.

Local businesses rewarded a Belmont County woman for her contributions to her community.

Tina Meager was the winner of WTOV’s Magic Makeover contest.

Legal Hair and Day Spa and Lynn and Barrett Boutique made the transformation happen on Monday.

"I'm still processing it," she said. "It's a lot, but I love it."

Stylist and makeup artist Sarah Guzniczak added highlights, midtones, an overall glaze, and gave Tina a cut before styling her hair with loose curls.

There are also streaks of purple underneath for when she eventually goes back to the pony tail at the center.

Tori Cingolani, the co-owner of Lynn and Barrett Boutique, dressed Tina in her preferred earth tones with a top, poncho, belt, bag, necklace and bracelet.

It's a comfortable style that she'll be able to wear to an upcoming event.

Legal also treated Tina to a manicure and sent her home with makeup, hair care and skin care products.


Meager was nominated -- and selected -- because of the change she's making in kids' lives at the Glencoe Community Center.

The center will graciously accept monetary and in-kind donations.

The center is also looking for a donated or reasonably priced wrestling mat for kids who would like to use the space for extra practice.

You can reach Meager the following ways:

Facebook: Glencoe Community Center


Call or text: 740-238-0327

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