Local veterans celebrate Marine Corps anniversary

Nov. 10 marks 242 years since the United States Marine Corp was established.

Nov. 10 marks 242 years since the United States Marine Corps was established.

And a local group gets together every year to celebrate their time as Marines.

The Band of Brothers meet for breakfast at Zalenski's in Wintersville every Tuesday to socialize and renew old memories of their time serving.

Today's get-together was a little more special. The veterans celebrated the Marine Corps' birthday with special guests, a music tribute to all the services - and the traditional cutting of the cake by the oldest and youngest marines in attendance.

“We have World War II veterans, Korean veterans, Vietnam veterans, veterans who have served in Iraq,” said Charles Green of the Band of Brothers. “And to me, it is humbling that these Americans are able today to be here.”

“It's an honor to be here for me,” said Bille Shipe of the Band of Brothers. “Seeing as I was in the Navy for three years first, and then in the Marine Corps, I feel it's an honor they served with me and I served with them.”

The men and women in attendance also celebrated 242 years of history by honoring their departed brothers.

The group encourages veterans from across the Ohio Valley to join them.

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