Local postal worker praised for saving kitten

STEUBENVILLE, OH-- An unexpected hero in an unexpected place.

"I knew it was the mail girl," said Michelle Strachan who witnessed the incident. "It was literally up past her knees."

What started as a usual day for a Steubenville postal worker ended in some chilly waters.

"I hear something crying and you look over and there is a kitten on the rock and it's one of those situations where you don't know what to do because I was going to get wet," said postal worker Ashley Taylor.

Ashley Taylor happened to be in the right place at the right time. Halfway through her route, she heard the crying kitten and called her sister to help. With a laundry basket and blanket in hand Ashley made a decision to go into the water to retrieve the animal that was stuck on a rock.

"If I didn't, the current was probably going to take it away," said Ashley Taylor.

Ashley's actions did not go unnoticed by a neighbor who happened to be walking by.

"It was genuine," said Strachan. "It wasn't let me see who can see this and pat me on my back."

Thanks to the two, the kitten now has a home and will be a Christmas gift to a little boy in the area.

"She never quits smiling the whole time and walks all the way back through the creek. I was just blown away she helped this baby like that," said Strachan.

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