Levin Furniture is back in the Ohio Valley

The Ohio Valley mall’s newest store to open is celebrating with a grand opening ceremony.

The Ohio Valley mall’s newest store to open is celebrating with a grand opening ceremony.

It was held Friday afternoon.

It is not the first time for a Levin Furniture store in the Ohio Valley, and the company's president says they're glad to be back.

They made a major donation announcement during the ceremony. Levin Furniture and Mattress presented the Red Cross, including the local chapter, with a $20,000 check.

"Obviously all the news stories out there about the hurricanes and all the flooding, clearly there's a national, international need, but there's also a need in our own community as well,” said Robert Levin, president of Levin Furniture. “And the Red Cross historically has done a great job for victims of flood, fires, disasters, and other hardship cases, so we're thrilled to be involved in working with them."

The store is open for business in the same 25,000 square-foot space previously occupied by hhgregg.

"When we came into this space, I loved a lot of the architectural details that were here already, and we basically took our cue from the store fronts, breaking it into the departments whether it’s the mattress, the, or the made in the USA, and then what we did also because we have a little bit of a smaller footprint, we're able to put everything together by lifestyle category," said Tom Zwierzelewski, Levin Furniture designer.

Levin Furniture moved out of the Ohio Valley several years ago after its outlet store closed, but company executives say requests for a return to the community ultimately led to Friday’s grand opening.

"We want the customer to come in and experience, and the easier we can make it for the customer to make a choice because there's a lot of terrific choices," Zwierzelewski said.

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