Leaders eye master water and sewer plan for all of Harrison County

Commissioner Dale Norris says there are benefits all around.

The Harrison County commissioners had an eye on the future on Wednesday morning at their weekly meeting.

The commissioners approved a $139,600 deal with engineering services group Prime A.E., which is contracted to develop a master water and sewer plan for the entire county. The commissioners believe that information may prove critical, not only to property owners, but future business development as well.

“It’s a mapping situation, and we would like the villages to cooperate so we can get the capacities they can handle and so forth and so on,” Commissioner Dale Norris said. “It will be a public record to them. It will be an asset to them. It will be an asset to the county. As future growth comes, it will help businesses determine whether to locate here or not.”

The commissioners believe this master water and sewer plan will be a major player in the development of Harrison County.

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