Porch collapse leads to removal of dogs from home

The front porch and a portion of the roof of a house collapsed on Highland Avenue in Warwood on Wednesday afternoon.

A partial home collapse leads to an even bigger issue in Ohio County.

The outside and inside of the house are raising concerns.

What was believed to be just a roof collapse on Highland Avenue in Warwood Wednesday afternoon turned out to be much more.

“All of a sudden, I just heard a loud boom,” said Kenneth Becker, Warwood resident. “Came running up the back steps and saw the porch that fell in here.”

The porch and its roof collapsed to the ground. It prompted the response of Wheeling Fire Department and code enforcement. Soon after, the Ohio County dog warden was called to the house.

“They advised me that there were five dogs in the house that might not have been cared for,” Dog Warden Douglas McCroskey said.

McCroskey retrieved the dogs from the house one by one. The owners of the house later came to the scene.

McCroskey said they told him they do not currently live there, but the dogs have been kept inside. Officials are questioning the conditions the dogs were living in.

“Unsanitary. Very unsanitary."

The stability of the structure is also a concern. Wheeling code enforcement was on scene assessing the damage. Neighbors say they were worried about it before the collapse.

"For over six months it's been exactly like this,” Becker said. “We knew it was going to happen. We reported it. The roof is coming in."

McCroskey says the dogs did not appear malnourished, but had visible skin issues, and never been taken to a veterinarian.

The dogs remain held by the county at this time. The man and woman will need to contact the magistrate's office to try to get the dogs back.

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