Jefferson County Commissioners want junk cars cleaned up

Commissioner Dave Maple Dave Maple says there are two junkyards in Jefferson County, but you wouldn't believe it if you drove through the county. Too many junk cars on properties.

The Jefferson County Commissioners are putting a plan together to clean up the county of its junk cars, which have become an eye sore and could pose a health risk.

The commissioners meet with representatives for the litter enforcement program to discuss ways to combat the issue. As Early as next week, they may meet with the county prosecutor to formalize a plan that would give authorities the proper tools to take control of this problem.

"We have two licensed junkyards, and that's it in Jefferson County, but if you drive throughout the county that would be hard to believe because we have a lot of places where there's numerous cars that are obviously not able to be operated, that are just sitting in yards, and we've got to start cleaning that up," Commissioner Dave Maple said.

Maple went on to say he would like to have input from the regional planning commission and the town trustees before moving forward.

--Meanwhile, the commissioners also signed off on a $500,000 community development block grant for the Brilliant Water District, which is moving forward with plans to build its own water treatment plant.

The BWD services 672 costumers and believes the new plant will allow it to be self-sufficient.

They expect to put the project out to bid in late June or early July.

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