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Jefferson County Airpark hosts Young Eagles

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The Jefferson County Airpark held their fourth Young Eagles event this year.

It’s an opportunity for young kids to fly an aircraft.

On Saturday, the Airpark had high hopes they would inspire some new pilots with a big opportunity.

An experience of a lifetime 2000 feet up in the air, as part of the Jefferson County Young Eagles program.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Dave Tulenko, President of the E.A. Chapter, said. “We have kids that have the look of terror out there, but when they come back, they have the biggest smile in the world."

It’s a free flight for aspiring pilots to get their hands behind the controls with an instructor, and take off in style.

The program was started by pilot and aviation lover John Meriwether, who is now the president of the Young Eagles program.

“It’s something they’ve never done before,” Tulenko said. “It always seems like it’s out of reach to all the kids. You see the airplanes up in the air, but this gives them the opportunity to fly in an airplane and see what it’s like."

After flying for four hours, Meriwether says he had a lot of fun.

Tulenko and the rest of the Young Eagle crew say having fun is what it’s all about.

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