Three days of jail, community service for nutcracker thieves

Mycal Morin, 21, and Alexis Lynch, 20, will do community service as part of their punishment for stealing a nutcracker from Nutcracker Village.

The two people accused of stealing -- and then returning -- the “Starman” nutcracker from the Nutcracker Village were sentenced in Steubenville Municipal Court on Friday.

Mycal Morin, 21, and Alexis Lynch, 20, both faced felony charges of the fifth degree.

On Friday, those charges were dismissed, and instead, they were both charged with petty theft.

Morin and Lynch were sentenced to serve three days in the Jefferson County Jail, 180 days of probation, and they will be required to do community service hours at the Nutcracker Village, lasting 10 days.

Fort Steuben President Jerry Barilla and the owner of the nutcrackers Mark Nelson were in the courtroom. They said this is a case the entire community felt, and they're glad community service is part of the pair's punishment.

“Jerry and I had begun speaking in hopes that the punishment would turn into community service and that the two young people would be brought into the community, rather than stay on what they must have felt was the fringe of the community,” Nelson said.

Morin and Lynch will now work with Barilla and Nelson to coordinate their community service.

They will serve their sentences in the Jefferson County Jail beginning Jan. 30.

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