It was a big night for income tax levies in Jefferson County

Mingo Junction levy.JPG

Voters in Jefferson County supported several income tax levies on Tuesday night during the Ohio primary.

There was a .7 percent income tax that passed 2,936 for to 1,521 against.

And there was a .3 percent income tax that passed 2,773-1,680.

These two tax levies mean there are going to be payments for safety services, street maintenance funds, and also parks and rec funds for the people of Steubenville.

Mingo Junction had a 1 percent income tax levy passed with ease, as there were 705 for votes and 331 against. It has passed every year since 1992.

The Wells Township Parks and Recreation levy passed 524-294. There was just a three-vote difference the last time it was voted upon.

And finally, the majority was against the Smithfield village dissolution, with 128 no votes and 94 yes votes.

All results are unofficial. Jefferson County will certify its results on March 31.

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