Insurance mailer causes confusion for some retired steelworkers

    Some Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel retirees have expressed concern lately over a letter they received about changes to medical coverage.

    A different company name appears on the letter, but that is only because the previous insurance company, HealthAmerica, was bought out by Aetna.

    “Those cards now say Aetna on them, but it's the same benefits that they have, the same carrier, it's the same network of doctors they had, and the copay is the same," said Wheeling Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) Trustee John Saunders.

    One significant difference, though, is the inclusion of a list of preferred pharmacies from the carrier.

    Members have the choice to pick certain pharmacies to receive a slightly reduced copay, but some say this isn't fair to those who have preferred pharmacies already.

    "I think some local pharmacies believe that we're trying to carve them out, and that's not the case. The case is, the carrier gave it to us and said if you want to use it, to do that. It didn't cost any more, so we said, 'absolutely,'" Saunders said.

    Saunders also said the coverage will continue to be evaluated every year, moving forward.

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