Indian Creek breakfast program gaining national attention

A breakfast program at the Indian Creek School District is gaining national attention.

A program at the Indian Creek School District is gaining national attention.

On Tuesday, staff celebrated during National Breakfast Week.

Last year, the school district started with a pivot program, where it was tested out among a few classrooms. It's grown so big that they've doubled the number of students getting fed.

"This is a great opportunity to insure that every student starts school with a nutritious breakfast so that they can be successful in the classroom," said Scott Dimauro, vice president, Ohio Education Association.

There are three staff members filling coolers for the 22 classrooms at Wintersville Elementary, and between 650-700 students take part.

The coolers are filled with juice, fruit and milk, and depending on the day the choices range from cereal, doughnuts, and breakfast sandwiches.

"It gives the students time to interact and just speak and talk with their friends so that's the big thing,” said Lorrie Jarrett, principal, Wintersville Elementary. “And the teachers are starting their instructional day earlier. And that's huge."

First grade teacher Karen Lloyd brought the idea back to the district after attending a state conference. She said the biggest thing she's noticed is the focus from the students and the flow from the start of the day to the end.

"Breakfast in the classroom has helped with the children not worrying about a grumbling stomach,” Lloyd said. “They are more focused on in the classroom on their school work and not so much when lunch is because they missed breakfast."

Second grader Danica Stellfox says sitting with friends is the best part.

Teachers at Wintersville Elementary will be going to Chicago to talk about the program and hopefully get more schools across the country to start something similar in their own schools.

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