I-70 open again after accidents

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Two crashes in Ohio County forced police to briefly shut down the interstate.

The area of highway is known as Two-Mile Hill. The sheriff issued a warning concerning the road.

Interstate 70 east and west are both a constant problem for first responders.

Monday, a crash sent at least one person to the hospital and has the Sheriff telling people to be careful. Three cars were involved in a crash on I-70 east Monday, just before The Highlands.

One SUV was on its top, another car towed away and another driver able to drive off.

Ohio County Sheriff Tom Howard said the road is a hazard, but distracted driving always adds to it.

"They're not being cautious and little things distract people,” Sheriff Howard. “Today, a slow moving vehicle... One person’s not paying attention and it causes a crash.”

Sheriff Howard is concerned because there will be more traffic during the holidays, and winter weather could mean more issues.

"The road wasn't designed for what it is today,” Sheriff Howard said. “Everything's faster... And two lanes go into three… And a lot more traffic than there used to be, truck traffic and that causes issues."

Howard says the Sheriff's Department is patrolling the area constantly and encouraging people to be more careful.

"Watch for traffic: it'll be a lot higher than normal. There's construction, and just be aware, be very aware of driving through that area," Sheriff Howard said.

The Interstate was only shut down for approximately 30 to 40 minutes, and traffic is moving freely now.

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