Holiday decorations repeatedly vandalized at park


The central park in Wellsburg is known for its Fourth of July celebrations, and for years now Christmas has been another time to enjoy the park.

But now, it’s being vandalized--everything from stolen light bulbs to cut wires and now the display owner is speaking out.

“Four to 5 years, I started with just different decorations that people have given me,” said 2nd ward councilman Paul Billiard. “Just thinking we could make it a bit nicer for people to drive by."

But making the park a display for everyone to enjoy with a minimal budget is getting harder when night after night property gets broken and stolen.

“We can’t afford to buy new every year,” Billiard said. “If they keep taking from the park it would be gone."

“On a regular basis we have spotlights, bulbs out, ornaments, things kicked over, lights being stolen, cords being stolen. It’s a combination of all of those.”

The up keep is beginning to run Billiard down.

“To come down every night with 50/75 bulbs and have to replace it or to go buy new extension cords, it’s almost where I’m babysitting the park now,” he said.

With Christmas displays from Steubenville to Wheeling, his hope was that this could be something in between for families.

“I really think that this could become something bigger than what it is,” Billiard said. “It takes everybody getting involved and wanting to do it.”

Donations are accepted at the city building.

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