UPDATE: Water recedes on Route 2 in New Martinsville

Wet weather has been an issue across the Ohio Valley all week, but hit New Martinsville particularly hard, as it saw some serious flooding.

"We had driving rain storms throughout the county, so we've had flooding all the way down Route 2,” said New Martinsville Police Captain Steve Kastigar.

The storm dropped three inches of rain on the town in a short period of time. There were a lot of wet spots, a major one being on Route 2.

Traffic was down to just one lane for a while, as officials waited for the water to recede.

It’s a spot the town's gotten used to seeing underwater.

"All the water from this side of the cemetery coming off the hill washes down into a ditch there that gets clogged up easily,” Kastigar said. “Water over runs the road quite frequently.”

On top of the flooding, the town also saw a sinkhole in some grass. They've been through a lot, and Kastigar just wants to remind people to be safe and keep an eye out for emergency workers.

"Just use caution, pay attention to the workers we have out here,” he said. “We have DOH, fire department personnel. just please be mindful of them, we don't want to get anyone hurt.”

Now officials say, the cleanup will begin, as they also hope the rain stays away.

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