Harrison County Sheriff's Office looking for help with B&E investigation

Harrison County Sheriff Joe Myers is asking for your help in identifying two men in a breaking and entering.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help in identifying two men in a breaking and entering case.

Nothing was taken, but they want to prevent it from happening again.

The breaking and entering happened at the Water Transport facility in Hopedale earlier this month.

Surveillance footage from the Water Transport facility shows two men attempting to break into a storage shed on April 8 just before midnight.

Sheriff Joe Myers says they are having trouble putting names to the suspects.

“Even some of the old crime spree guys that we have back in our database here, nothing fits the profile, and nothing fits them as far as on picture,” Myers said. “We have ran into dead ends and we believe that somebody over there in Hopedale or maybe neighboring Bloomingdale or even in Wintersville possibly know these individuals.”

He believes it's someone from the area due to the fact that not many people outside of town are aware the storage shed even exists.

“Because as you're driving in through Hopedale, unless you're really looking, you're not seeing that building from the road,” Myers said.

Sheriff Myers is hoping something as small as their mannerisms or the clothing they are wearing could spark a lead.

“We want to get it solved for the community, because like I said, if they believe they got away with it, they'll be back,” Myers said.

If you believe you have any information that may help detectives in this case, you can call the Harrison County Sheriff's Office or our anonymous Crimebusters Tipline at 1-800-862-BUST.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office is also asking for help in identifying a semi-truck they believe is responsible for damage at a funeral home.

Sheriff Myers says the vehicle shown in surveillance is the only truck captured on camera during the time frame in which he says a tire came flying off of a semi-truck and caused damage to a marquee sign at Borkoski Funeral Home on East Market Street on Tuesday.

Anyone with information on which company the truck belongs to is asked to contact the Cadiz Police Department or the sheriff's office.

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