Hancock County Schools may cut 20 personnel


The future of many Hancock County educators and other school employees was the topic of discussion at Tuesday’s board meeting.

The board previously announced that a possible 20 Hancock County Schools employees could be terminated and an additional 52 could be transferred due to financial struggles and low enrollment.

These cuts could range from specific positions to entire departments and programs.

Tuesday, those individuals were given the opportunity to convince the board to reconsider the possible changes.

"We are using those low enrollment numbers to attempt to justify cutting the program, which is totally unfair,” said Ed Zawatski, former electronics instructor. “It’s unfair to the program and it’s unfair to the kids. And I’m all about the kids.”

Students at the school previously started a petition to try to keep the Electronics Technology program at John D. Rockefeller Career Center.

"They are cutting down from three secretaries to two secretaries at Weir High School,” said Sunny McCoy, secretary of attendance at Weir High. “And with our numbers and with the work load. I don’t see how they are going to make that happen. It’s not realistic."

There will be another general hearing held Wednesday. The board is expected to vote on the matter on April 24.

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