Gym Bans Weight Loss Resolution


    Losing weight has notoriously been at the top of many peoples list for New Year's resolutions but statistically, weight loss resolutions never last.

    Justin Green owner of Source Fitness has created a program that will actually ban weight loss goals when it comes to tracking pounds for the New Year.

    "We are trying to get people to understand that someone making a goal of losing weight and gauging it by measuring the pounds lost that you lose whatever you set your goals as is really the wrong way of going about it since all your doing is throwing your body in a negative energy balance," said Green.

    Gym member, Jaclyn Yahn, will be sticking to the recommended plan of eating healthy and pacing her activity for the whole year through. She personally has seen results in keeping her resolutions simple and realistic.

    "Just to make sure I get in here, it's not all about pounds in my book it's about the way I look and usually when I get in here I feel better so ," said Yahn.

    The coaching staff at Source Fitness wants to remind folks that it's all about setting attainable goals in order to stay successful in the long run.

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