Fully loaded syringe found at local park raises eyebrows, concerns

Loren Cutri and her family were enjoying a day at the park on Tuesday when she discovered a full syringe at one of the park's shelters.

A Steubenville resident is bringing attention to continuous issues she's experienced at Beatty Park in the south end of the city.

Now she's calling on the city and community members to step up and take care of the park.

Loren Cutri and her family were enjoying a day at the park on Tuesday when she discovered a full syringe at one of the park's shelters.

“My daughter was riding her bike and she came over and said, ‘mommy, mommy, what is this?’” I thought it was a stick, honestly. She was just showing me something, so I went over and I was so dumbfounded.”

That's when Cutri saw garbage everywhere and the syringe.

She posted the images of what she found on Facebook, hoping to bring attention to the issue.

“I shouldn't have to fear bringing my kids to the park of what they're going to find,” she said.

She says this isn't the first time she's had experiences like that at Beatty Park. And after coming across trash, destroyed playgrounds, and dirty shelters, she wants to see change.

“I understand this is a quite area and people do come down here and they want to escape,” Cutri said. “(But) don't bring your fully loaded syringes to Beatty Park,”

Now she's asking the city and the community to help preserve the only park in the south end of Steubenville.

“I have seen cops come through here on very numerous occasions, and they are looking and they are doing that, but in the same sense, you must not be doing it enough because they're leaving it here,” Cutri said.

Steubenville City Manager Jim Mavromatis says this situation highlights a bigger issue.

“We spend time and money cleaning the bathrooms in all these parks,” Mavromatis said. “They'll go there in the morning, (and) by the end of the day they're already trashed.”

“Cities are doing the best they can with the limited manpower to fix these problems. The citizens need to get involved.”

City police patrol the park, but Mavromatis says this has been an ongoing issue for years.

“You always have problems when you have remote locations, it doesn't matter where you go,” he said.

And Mavromatis wants to remind the community that if anyone sees anything questionable or suspicious in any of the city's parks, you're asked to call the police immediately so that they can respond to the situation.

Discussions are taking place as officials consider moving Jefferson county court 2 in Winterville.

It's now housed inside the same building as (za-lin-skees) zalenski's restaurant.

The potential new location is the wintersville municipal building on the second floor.

City council would share its chambers for the courtroom -- and some renovations would create additional offices.

If the agreement goes through, jefferson county would pay rent to wintersville.

21:54-13 the building where it's currently located, parking has become an issue, it's been an issue for some time, judge bednar came to us and we entered into some discussions about possibly relocating the court. That's one of the key issues, there's several other issues but parking is one of the key issues.

The wintersville municipal building would offer plenty of parking, plus handicapped access.

Commissioners are currently checking with the prosecutor to determine which architecture firm may be used to work on potential renovation designs.

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