Four vying for W.Va. House of Delegates, District 4

Two of Canestraro, Ferro, Kelley, Evans will take spots. (WTOV)

Most of the seats in the West Virginia House of Delegates are up for grabs.

In District 4, four people are hoping for two seats. They could go to either party or be split.

Joe Canestraro and incumbent Mike Ferro are hoping to win the two seats as democrats.

Meanwhile newcomer Del Kelley and incumbent David Evans hope to score most of the votes for republicans.

All four are running separately.

Kelley says he'd like to see some changes in state leadership, and Evans hopes to continue some of the things he says republicans have started.

“Our state has for too long been at the bottom of all the lists on list,” Kelley said. “You want to be on the top of and on the top of the bad lists. And I hear rhetoric after rhetoric. It's like a ball of twine and you can't pick just on issue.”

“I am hoping the republicans can get something accomplished,” Evans said. “We have had 2 years and really you can only start things -- I found that out. A lot of things were started 4 years ago when I came into office and they haven't happened yet, and it takes time to get things accomplished.”

Evans says he's worked hard on building a friendlier business community for the state, and he's worked on getting better roads.

Meanwhile, all the candidates are running separate for the two seats, regardless of party.

Ferro, a teacher for more than 40 years, says he has an open-door policy and has been visible and available to the public.

He says he'd like to see some changes and roll back the repeal and prevailing wage

Canestraro, an assistant prosecutor in Marshall County, says he agrees with Ferro. He says he decided to run because of the attack on working people in West Virginia.

“I would say the bigger one is repealing the prevailing wage, basically, in my mind, is it creates a race to the bottom on wages for working men and women,” Ferro said. “And that means if someone with a prevailing wage is getting paid $21 an hour they can pay them $10 an hour. If you're out of work long enough, you'll accept less -- $8 an hour.”

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