Former Belmont County Commissioner Thomas reports to jail


    Former Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas is now in jail.

    According to Judge John Vavra's office, Thomas failed to provide all of the requested paperwork in a civil case.

    Thomas reported to the Belmont County Jail around 8:30 a.m. after being sentenced for being in contempt of court.

    Thomas was found not guilty of embezzlement last April in Ohio County in 2018.

    In December, he was ordered by Vavra to provide paperwork concerning his involvement with a client, of whom he was power of attorney.

    Thomas was to have those papers turned in by Jan. 4. On Jan. 5, Thomas turned in some of those documents, but according to the plaintiff's counsel, it was only about 5 percent of what was required.

    Because of this, Vavra ordered Thomas to serve time in jail.

    Thomas reached out to our station saying, "I have fully complied in this case, and yet, for some reason, nobody wants to believe me."

    Thomas will serve the next 30 days in jail.

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