Food access discussion at West Virginia Northern Community College


Several Ohio Valley organizations invited the public to participate in a food access discussion at West Virginia Northern Community College.

"A lot of people in the downtown area, Wheeling Island and other places neighboring and surrounding downtown, a lot of people don't have a car and they rely on walking and transit to get places," Executive Director of Wheeling Heritage, Jake Dougherty said.

If these people live far away from affordable or quality fresh food, it's called a food desert.

It can be quite a challenge for the elderly, disabled, or those who don't have a car.

That's why Wheeling Heritage, Grow Ohio Valley, OVRTA and the city of Wheeling are teaming up to change that.

"Provide more accessibility via transit, trails and just walking and biking through the streets to food access points,” Dougherty said.

They are asking the community for feedback, here's a few things people would like to see:

More breakfast diners, fruit trees and orchards downtown, and safer and bikeable walkways.

The groups would also like to know what locations need local food establishments added.

"There's already a great project in motion with Grow Ohio Valley's public market as it's right in the middle of downtown," Dougherty said.

Now the Fresh Food Market inside the Intermodal Transportation Center is scheduled to be completed by August 1st and News9 will keep you updated on any other projects in the future.

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