Flood coverage: Jefferson county


Despite the significant flooding in Jefferson county, residents in Toronto say they are among the lucky ones living along the Ohio river.

“We are lucky, its bad, but it’s not really bad," said Jim Rinaldo.

Areas like the Newberg landing and the Misty River Marina were hit hard after the initial rain came Thursday night. Saturday, residents were dealing with the aftermath.

“Earlier this area was all dry, about two or three hours ago, so that is how much has populated here," said resident Matt Karaffa.

Areas like county road 56 in Toronto saw flooding due to island creek, which runs along the street, but thankfully for some residents whose homes sit atop the hill, they lucked out when it came to major flood damage.

“Where our house is, we do not normally get flooding, we just get a little bit from the hillside run off. But we love Toronto, its quiet and we never have any issues in the neighborhood," said Jim Talamonti

Rinaldo added, “It is a pretty scenic area, so people are willing to take the chance. The negatives are out-weighed by the positives."

Officials say the most important thing right now is to stay away from the river until flood levels decrease.

“We urge residents to stay away from it. We do not want to put any more pressure on our emergency teams who are out there now checking these areas,” said Jefferson County EMA Director John parker.

The water is expected to recede by Sunday afternoon.

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