Favede challenges Thompson for 95th District seat

Ginny Favede and Andy Thompson are running for the Ohio House of Representatives. (WTOV)

NEWS9’S Kate Davison is sitting down the candidates for the 95th District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

The race is between incumbent and Republican Andy Thompson, seeking his fourth term in office, and Democrat Ginny Favede, a Belmont County commissioner.

“I’m also part of an effort called Shale Crescent USA. What we're doing with that effort is to try to attract manufacturers here to benefit once we have the cracker and certainly we’re building gas-fired power plants and those are going to increase demand in the area so I think we have a lot of economic development opportunities,” Thompson said.

“We're going to be reaching out, the same way we've done here in Belmont County. We're going to be reaching out and marketing and working collaboratively to grow the entire area and the entire district. And that's what you're going to find, that I’m always working ahead of things and collaboratively and I will be a representative for the entire district,” Favede said.

The two candidates are in agreement on one thing; they say severance taxes taken in this part of the state should remain here.

“Severance tax is a big issue here in southeast Ohio. My feeling is as long as we keep the money here and don’t send it to Columbus, it’s more likely to do some good," Thompson said.

“It's important for the voters to know that there's been a severance tax on the books since the early 1900's. It’s been being collected on all the oil and gas that's been fracked and removed from the entire district. The issue is that the state refuses to return a portion of that back to us,” Favede said.

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